Starring (in order of appearance)
Damion O. Lee - Marcus
Kimmy Nicole - Gwen
Jada S. Louie - Mother
Kevin Cannon - Subway guy
Frank Bonsangue - Security Guard
John Hoffman - Security Guard
Shannon Foster - Receptionist
Bill O'Reilly - Billings
Cary Hite - Tres
Casey Bartolucci - Whitting
Richard Brundage - Wheeler
David Bodenschatz - Pete

Directed by
David Jakubovic

Written by
Mitchell Reichgut

Produced by
Bill Common
Mitch Golden
Corey Weiner

Director of Photography
Patryk Rebisz

Hair and Makeup
Christy McCabe

Assistant Director
Jesse Beller

Assistant Camera
Yonaton Maron

Sound Mixer
Daniel Frei

Frederick Cintron

Key Production Assistant
Ryan Alexander

Production Assistants
Scott Ulmer
Jonathan Chen

Steve Sharp

Post Production
Digital Arts, NYC

David Jakubovic

Post Production Supervisor
Axel Ericson

Thanks to Wouter van Oortmerssen and the rest of the Cube development team for the sound and images from Cube

Special thanks to Jeff Brainson

Special thanks to The Princeton Review for the use of their office

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